28th July World Hepatitis Day – Hepatitis B: Deadly Infection

28th July World Hepatitis Day – Hepatitis B: Deadly Infection

28th July World Hepatitis Day - Hepatitis B: Deadly Infection
28th July World Hepatitis Day – Hepatitis B: Deadly Infection
28th July World Hepatitis Day – Hepatitis B: Deadly Infection on wifiguruji.com

Hepatitis B is a serious infection affecting the liver. Hepatitis B virus in this disease targets the patient’s liver, due to which the body is permanently affected. In this disease, there may be problems like diarrhea, fatigue, vomiting, loss of appetite, pain in muscles, joint pain, stomach ache, high fever, and jaundice.

After the infection of hepatitis B, the patient gets sick, it takes about 6 months to recover the patient, and if hepatitis B positive is the patient, then this means that the disease has taken serious and now it is The disease will last for life. In the disease when the disease becomes severely infected, permanent damage to the patient’s liver. Hepatitis B disease can also cause the death of the patient due to liver cancer.

With the treatment of hepatitis B, the patient is recovering at 90 percent of the patient, but in 10 percent, the disease takes a serious turn. In this disease, 90 percent of infants who have been infected with Hepatitis B infection may have severe hepatitis. And this disease is a serious infection when such people have had Hepatitis B virus in childhood and can be infected with Hepatitis B virus and then when you have not seen any symptoms of Hepatitis B.

The person infected with this disease can spread the infection to other people, even if that person is showing signs of illness only when that happens. For many days or weeks, the patient feels sick and the health of that person can be very bad. Early detection of symptoms of this disease and Hepatitis B virus can successfully fight the person’s body and can disappear within a few weeks or months.

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28th July World Hepatitis Day - Hepatitis B: Deadly Infection
28th July World Hepatitis Day – Hepatitis B: Deadly Infection

But when the patient’s body fight with this disease infection-if it loses, then the disease can take a serious form. Many patients of Hepatitis B do not appear to have any symptoms of this disease nor can they see the disease, but this disease starts to harm the liver. And this disease can spread from the same body to the other body as well as infections because it is a spreading disease. The initial signs of hepatitis B are such as feeling low on appetite, feeling excessive fatigue even when there is less pain, frequent fever and muscle and joint pain, nausea, vomiting, yellowing on the skin and dark yellow color Coming to the currency All of these symptoms are infections of hepatitis B.

The infection transmits the other person through the blood of the infected patient and other body fluids of hepatitis B and it can also cause this disease. Such as a razer, toothbrush, nail cutter etc.

This disease can occur even when there is an unsafe physical connection with the infected patient and similarly it spreads due to boils, pimples, open runners etc.

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The disease can spread during a blood transfusion or by contacting the blood of the infected person from any other medium.

If the care of the infected person’s equipment and toiletries is not taken care of in the manufacture of facials or tattoos in acupuncture, beauty parlor, then this disease can easily spread to another person.

Many types of patient transitions can reach you in the first used series, and even during birth, the child can get the infection in the person. To prevent hepatitis B, it is necessary to attach the vaccine and these Vaccines are available. Those who treat this hepatitis B vaccine are quite effective and safe, so there is the maximum prison for defense, this vaccine is applied in three steps. It is necessary to understand that it is possible to prevent hepatitis B after taking the vaccine in three steps. If there is no vaccine in the third phase, then the first stage vaccine will have no meaning.

Similarly, all newborn infants need to vaccinate Pa Titus B and vaccination should be done in three phases after 6 months of age. The child whose age is below 19 years of age has not been studied in the childhood itself, they should be given catch up the dose. And after this, community vaccination can be done in which the camp will be vacated by all the people, hepatitis B in one place.

Hepatitis B is an infectious disease that can occur from one person to another, but this does not mean that the disease spreads only by the amount of touch. Therefore, if a member of the family is suffering from this disease then it is not necessary to keep it completely separate but the point of attention is that it is necessary to take precautions to keep the rest of the family members free from infection.

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For example, keep aside the use of an infected person such as scissors, razors, sharp objects, towels, clothes etc. for example.

And if the person in this illness has suffered a wound, then do not leave it open and other members of the family should also get the hepatitis B vaccine.


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