29th July International Tiger Day – From whom we learned to make Tiger, forgot them only

29th July International Tiger Day – From whom we learned to make Tiger, forgot them only

29th July International Tiger Day - From whom we learned to make Tiger, forgot them only
29th July International Tiger Day – From whom we learned to make Tiger, forgot them only
From whom we learned to make lions, forgot them only – International Tiger Day

As you all know, in the Indian culture, for many centuries, the Tigers of a male-dominated society is not only wildlife but also a symbol of courage, bravery, and singularity. For this reason, in today’s adversity, in general, every person usually takes pride in saying to himself a tiger, a Tigers or a Tigers, because all this is because human civilization has taken time and security in the war art with Tigers. But in today’s date, even if we are seen in the dark race of development, we have opened the same lions and have forgotten the tigers, then today, on the occasion of International Tiger day, we remember all those Tigers and tigers and tell them some such qualities. Those who are supposed to take every person in their personality and should know.

The speed of the Tigers: As we all know, the Tigers have always been inspirational for humans. And it is believed that the speed of hundreds of miles per hour can be of tigers.

Tigers sight: Things are faster than humans in terms of tigers, and they can target day and night accurately by targeting their target. And from this, it motivates people and all the nations for this day-night inquiry on their borders.

Tigers swimming: Tigers are considered to be the best swimmers in all wildlife on the ground. Tigers can swim up to 30 kilometers in 1 day, according to such a research, they have come to know.

Tigers’ War Art: The thing is the most famous in the world to attack its victim with the whole strategy and it is the most grateful creature. And the person is also in the tune of this art.

Agility of Tigers: Tigers can take a long jump up to 6 meters. At the same time, it has the ability to jump from 5 meters in height and due to this, the tiger in human society today is an important mode of athletics.

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Whiskers of Tigers: If you want to talk to the mugs, people may have learned from tigers. According to the research, it is believed that a mustache of Pak is the most sensitive part of his body. The quantity of tiger gets stimulated by touch, and this nature makes a man a status quo.

29th July International Tiger Day - From whom we learned to make Tiger, forgot them only
29th July International Tiger Day – From whom we learned to make Tiger, forgot them only
Why are tigers called the King of the Jungle?

Tiger is called the King of the Jungle, it is known to all and we have been listening to this fact for centuries, but only a few people will be like those who know the reason for their royal status. Indeed, the lion of a tiger or a tiger that has a special mark of an ID lines on its forehead, is like a mark which is also a symbol of the monarchy of China and the tiger is filled with the tendency to attack and This trail makes him the true successor of Shia Singh of the forest, which is why the Tigers are called the King of the forest.

How can a tiger be saved?

Many tiger reserves are created in countries to save tigers and to increase their numbers. And in this Tiger Reserve tigers are well-cared for their living and eating habits with the favorable atmosphere. And with the efforts of these Tiger Reserve, the number of tigers has increased in the country. On International Tiger Day, we know the status of tigers in their respective states like Kanha National Park, Pench, and Bandhavgarh, and their number is known for them and it is for International Tiger Day is celebrated. As a result of these efforts being made for Tiger, their number has increased.

WII study

Job Field Director of Pench National Park located in Madhya Pradesh, he said that in the direction of Tiger Conservation, the Indian Wildlife Institute which is located in Dehradun is continuously being researched here, which suggests that under the leadership of wildlife physician Shankar Where do the tigers go in the research-what are their lifestyle and what goes after the paint and where do they go? In addition, it was found in the research that fully intensive checks are done in the core area for the protection and protection of tigers and it is still being released in every Tiger Reserve, along with patrolling for safety in buffer zone. . And the director also says that wild animals are not protecting people but also protecting life because wild animals are not there and life will not be there too.

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Tiger life style

According to Kalika Raman Shrivastav, Tiger resides in the forest for its area and it should be an area for at least 200 meters of a tiger as the number of tigers in the area is more fatal for the gardens and it is also said that in the population of tigers Growth occurs only when tigers who breed in the forest are more. Similarly, there is no tiger reading in Panna Tiger Reserve, due to which the number of tigers has decreased over there and the study has also revealed that Mata Tiger in the cubs is safe till she gets safe in her area. And if this is removed from the area, then other tigers make their way into the area and after that he kills the cubs firstly by searching the search. Therefore, after saving the Tiger cubs, Mata Tiger is given special care in most of the area after giving birth to the cubs.

40 Tiger large in the last 4 years

As there has been an increase of about 30 to 40 tigers in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in the last 4 years which includes 8 – 2012 10 – 2013 in 12 – 2014 and in 2015 10 tigers are included. B T RK director Kalika Raman Srivastava says that in Tiger Reserve there are 400 employees who are there to protect Tiger in Swift 3 Monitoring. In addition, cameras have also been installed in sensitive areas but monitors are also being monitored.

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In the same way Kanha National Reserve Park has increased the number of Tiger in the last 4 years to 108 Tiger.

29th July International Tiger Day - From whom we learned to make Tiger, forgot them only
29th July International Tiger Day – From whom we learned to make Tiger, forgot them only
Tiger saved from Tiger’s efforts in these efforts.

To protect Tiger, the villagers around them are being educated and a committee is formed for it, wild department door.

Habitat management is mainly focused on.

The core area is enhanced and the buffer zone is reduced for Suman disturbance not to be.

Whenever the garden comes out of its area in Tiger Reserve and after returning, their samples are collected and researched on it.

Sanjay Gandhi Tiger Reserve is now being developed under the new scheme of Tiger Reserve.

Similarly, there is a unique effort of conserving the White Tiger Safari Tiger in the Tiger Reserve in Satna.

The undesirable trees are removed from the forest so that they are available for you.

World Tiger Day is the day celebrated for the protection of tigers.

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