4th August Singer Kishore Kumar’s Birthday, bio, death etc.

4th August Singer Kishore Kumar’s Birthday, bio, death etc.

4th August Singer Kishore Kumar’s Birthday, bio, death etc.
4th August Singer Kishore Kumar’s Birthday, bio, death etc.

Kishore Kumar

On August 4, 1929, Abhay Kumar was born as Ganguly, known as the great singer Kishore Kumar and he was also known as a grandfather. And Kishore Da was one of the few singers who took risks and experimented with different styles of music. And they are considered to be a Kivanditi in the world of Hindi film world. And this multi-talented person has excelled in the works of the writer written with the playback singer and actor-composer director producer-songwriter. Emotions in teenage songs were an extraordinary mix of romance and stupidity and apathy.
And in this article, we try to present the life history of Kishore Kumar, his small biography.

Kishore Kumar was born in a small place called Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh state and was born in a typical Bengali family and Kishore Da was the youngest among his siblings. His two elder brothers, named Ashok Kumar and Anoop Kumar, had a sister Sati Devi, whose father’s name was Kikilal Ganguly and it was a lawyer by profession and his mother was named Gauri Devi, who was from a well-to-do family, his eldest brother Ashok Kumar was an actor and Kishore Kumar was still young and later his second brother entered the films to become an actor.

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Kishore Das was interested in music since childhood, so he started showing interest in music, often used to mimic the great artist but he had no formal training in music, yet he decided to pursue this work and He left for Mumbai and stayed with his brother, Kishore Da went to Mumbai with the dream of becoming a famous playback singer and was among the many bigwigs He used to go to every studio often while starting his career and asked the producer if he could sing on the soundtrack in the movie. Initially, he did not develop his girlfriend, but he was completely upset by K. L. Sehgal’s Imitated. And after that, he came to the house of great SD Burman Ashok Kumar, who heard Kishore Kumar’s song. The young boys continued to refine their voice, which they appreciated and also developed their skills.

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Kishore Das went to develop his skills keeping this advice in mind and told his brother Anup with a unique city skill at the Australian Music Festival. After that, he worked in the Hindi film industry to give a dialogue which people liked very much, and Kishor da became popular now, and his songs looked absolutely natural like a laugh, Kishore Da in his songs, non-sympathetic words It used to be a whole new experience. And Kishore Kumar only had the ability to change his voice according to the scene, while the other actor could do the same, Kishore da sang a lot of self-self Dev Anand and also gave a lot of fun for superstar Rajesh Khanna.

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After that Rajesh Khanna left the job superstar, Kishore Dey sang a lot of hits for Amitabh Bachchan and attacked Randeep Burman in the music world. Kishore Kumar, who sang a song like Tera Mastana, is a very super hit song in the beautiful songs. Came in front of the people where Kishore Dara was very fond of some of his films which he liked for his acting, such as

When his popularity increased in the 80’s, he retired and wanted to return to his native place, Khandwa, where he was located in Madhya Pradesh, but unfortunately on 13 October 1987, on his 13th October 1987, his elder brother Ashok Kumar There was also a birthday that Kishore Kumar had a heart attack and he breathed his last. And such kind of social and unexpected death surprised the whole country. About Kishore Da and some such information such as Kishore Kumar had married four times and his eldest son Amit Kumar entered the world of music.

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