9th August, 1942 quit India movement day

9th August 1942 quit India movement day

9th August, 1942 quit india movement day
9th August 1942 quit India movement day

Hello friends, all of you are welcome on Wifi Guruji.com and today in this article we will know about the 9th August 1942 quit India movement day which was celebrated on 9th August.

Role of Quit India Movement

As we all know, the August Revolution of 1942 in the history of India, it holds a very important place for the British to be removed and this slogan of the revolution was that the British quit India and that’s exactly what this action seemed like now that the British should go to India And on 9th August 1942, the Quit India Movement was followed, after the defeats of World War II Allies, the British had already stunned them To him everywhere was getting lost Quit India British 1942 such Kranti which was the British Empire and tax breaks scattering. After this, the British also said to get help from the Indians and also preached that Indian Sawai is the owner of his country, should go ahead and protect his country, because, on the other hand, Japan was also thinking of invading India. When Japan crossed the Pacific Ocean to Burma and Malaya, the UK made an agreement with India. But the British feared that Japan would not attack India.

But Gandhiji had something else to say. He used to say that because of the presence of the British, Japan wanted to invade India, that’s why he raised the movement to leave the British to India and demanded the power handed over to the Indians, as well as British If the government was ready to hand over power in the hands of Indians, then India could help in war and India itself could fight with Japan.

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But that was not honorable to the British, so English was not prepared for it, then the agitators threatened to leave the country. After this, many Congress leaders saw the Japanese threat that it was not the right time for this movement, then Maulana Freedom did not agree with Gandhiji but later in 1942 when I met Congress in Wardha, Gandhiji and Sardar Patel along with Ahim The program of SAC revolt was passed and that date was on 8 August 1942 and the program was convened by the Mumbai Congress General Secretary under the chairmanship of Abul Kalam Azad, and after this, the release of the Movement of Quit India Movement was approved in this General Assembly.

You are reading 9th August 1942 quit India movement day.

Gandhiji arrested
The mass struggle started on a very large scale. After the announcement was announced, the government did not talk about the beginning of the Jan Sangh, and in the night, Gandhiji was arrested along with other leaders of the country, Mahadev Bhai Kasturba Shrimati Naidu and Meeraben were also sent off along with the castle. And when this was done, India did not sit silently and people had adopted the slogan of ‘do or die’, which began to be performed everywhere and violent action began to break in the entire country after which people burnt the government building The strike in the country and spreading the fury, that time voice opinion Linlithgow was a complete flaw at 3:00 and he also said that Gandhiji has invited violence.

During this time, Kasturba was killed and Gandhiji also came to Malaria and he became seriously ill. The Indians immediately released Gandhiji for his release and immediately released him, But Gandhiji is released with his colleagues.

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Unsuccessful attempt
August movement Quiet India Movement Though another successful attempt made India not able to give independence, but after this it proved to be the most important of the other movements of India, which brought mass dissent to the extreme point as it was the movement of the Quit India Movement The rebellion of the Indian public against tyranny and repression, which we would compare with fall of Bastille or Rica’s October Revolution May include and went after the movement’s Dominion had gone to that end was sure to leave India by the British, and then we got independence in the early 5 years.

Due to agitation

August Movement It was not a sudden incident, we started talking about some of the major reasons behind this movement, we are telling in the bottom, due to which this movement had become necessary.

The first reason for this movement was that the attitude of the British Government was evident from the Cripps scheme, the British did not want to correct constitutional stalemate in India, on which the Government wanted to prove it through the proposal of Gandhiji and the power crips. Congress was not the representative body of the general public of India. This is why there is a lack of unity in India and transfer of power is not possible.

When the fear of Japanese aggression on India had increased, the British had to be forced to leave Malaya Verma and Singapore, and after this, leaving the Bengal before leaving for Bengal, there was a need for August movement to transfer power to Indians.

Burma invaded Japan, at that time, with the refugees, the English government adopted a policy of discrimination, in which Indians were put in a painful situation and Indian soldiers were treated badly, Gandhi was purified by the behavior of the British government with the Indians. Had thought that the August movement was to be declared.

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And in the same way, in East Bengal, the government had maintained the state of terror which forced the house to be vacant for the soldiers and even the land was given without compensation was acquired and the movement against the dictatorship of the government started. It was necessary to do so.

At that time, the situation of India in the war era became alarming, due to which there was a lot of increase in the value of the idea of paper currency and the public began to become more and more difficult in life, due to which warm and satisfying form of violent revolution In such a situation, Gandhiji had announced the Quit India Movement and at the same time, to make India independent, it would be done to make or die.

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