career in food processing industry in india and study center

career in food processing industry in India and study center

career in food processing industry in india and study center
career in food processing industry in India and study center

Hello friends Welcome to Wifi Today in this video, I will talk to you about how you can make a career in food processing and friends will give you the job of food processing, and money is good in this. So let’s know friends career in food processing industry in India and study center

At present, the entire concept of food has changed completely. Food-based food technology, which we call food processing, this sector has opened up a lot of new jobs and career opportunities. There are new opportunities for more than two and a half lakh jobs per year in this area.

Using food technology, processing of large quantities of food can be avoided by spoiling and food products containing better quality and nutrients can be made available for use in the market. This will also result in huge employment opportunities.

The food processing industry in our country is old for centuries. Since ancient times, women have been making products like marmalade, amchoor, but it is still a cottage industry. But now gradually stepping in with the world is being introduced in a modern technology-based food processing unit or in our country. The quality of the products produced from these units is of quality. There are many possibilities in India for export of value-added flora, vegetables, fruits, processed cattle products.

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Dairy products, mass, poultry products and marine products are also very demanding overseas. In milk production, India is the first place in the world. India is also the world’s second-largest producer of fruits and fruits in the production of vegetables.

For the success of any food technology program, it is extremely important to have a trained food technologist. Between the use of appropriate technologies between food technology, ware produces high-quality products at a lower cost. Even the prophet has to work as a food processing officer, quality control, and pay commission.

In India, a large number of international food processing technologies are also being prepared every year. C f t r i is a leading institute in the field of food research and education in Mysore. BTECH / BSC / MTECH / MSc and Ph.D. Food Technology courses are being conducted to meet the needs of the food industry by major agricultural universities and general universities of the country.

Access to food technology courses by various universities is provided on the basis of admission test. CFT r i, Mysore organizes the entrance test of itself. 25% of the postgraduate degree in the Agricultural University of the States is filled on the basis of All India Entrance Examination. Science for admission to B.Tech / BSc course which has passed 12th standard in PCM Group or Biology and for Food Technology / Agriculture / Chemical Engineering Btech for M.Tech / M.Sc. course and Physics for Food Technology for MSc Chemistry Math or Life Sciences I have passed B.Sc / B.Sc examination in Agriculture / Food Technology.

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 B. Tech is a 4-year course
 Duration of Bsc Food Technology Course is 3 years
 The duration of Amtech and MSc Food Technology course is 2 years.

There is plenty of potential for careers for food technologists. Food technologists are given good jobs in different organizations. These include government, government and various multinationals. Food technology issues are being appointed as FCI Manager, Research Organization, BIS, Agmark Inspector, Food Inspector, etc.

There is a lot of employment potential for food technology issues from manufacturing houses to marketing houses. There are employment opportunities in private and multinational companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Cadbury, Galaxy India, Parle, Britannia, Wadilal, Quality Walls, McDonald, NIRULAJ etc.

 Let’s know where you can study it
Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Maharashtra Nagpur University, B.Tech Info Technology course is available in this institute.

 North Maharashtra University Jalgaon Bachelor of Technology course is available in this institute.

 Master of Technology course is available at Shivaji University, Kolhapur Institute.

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 Bachelor of Technology course is available at North Maharashtra University Institute

 At the MIT College of Technology and Management Pune Institute
Bachelor of Food Technology course is available.

 IIT Kharagpur West Bengal Here Amtech and Ph.D. courses are available in food technology.

 Shivaji University Gwalior This MSc Food Technology course is available.


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