Compit’s to jio Nokia 3310 launches with 3G variants, this is the change


Compit’s to jio, Nokia 3310 launches with 3G variants, This Is The Change

          As you all know, Nokia has been in news about launching its 3310 with a new variant from the past, the company has launched its 3G variants right now in Australia and could be launched early in the Indian market. And for your information we tell that this is the phone that the phone was first launched in the MWC 2017 Tech Show in February. And since then, many fans were disappointed with this because living and keeping us in the internet is good and this phone was launched with 2G connectivity features. Not only that, in addition to connectivity, more attention is being given to the feature phones in the market such as Reliance Jio launching its free live phone, which is also being implemented on these phones where Vodafone, Intex, Micromax, Airtel Geo In the collision of the phone is preparing to launch their own phones.

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In such a case, the Nokia which is launching the phone is with 3G variants, whose name is Nokia 3310 3G variants can be successful in attracting people. And if you talk about it, then in Australia it is currently € 69 or about 5,400 rupees, while the 2G variant is available at 3,310 rupees.

And it can be released in the Indian market in October, whose price is not fully received yet. And if you talk about Nokia 3310, then this phone is available in the Indian market, which is being sold offline.


And now let’s talk about the specification of this phone:

As we all know, this phone is launching with 3G variants and its internet speed will be more than its old phones. Now the phone will be available in 4 colors, which include charcoal, blue, warm red and yellow and its display will be 2.4 “which will be QVGA. And its operating system will be at 30 plus and with 16 MB storage here and if you want to increase it, then with the support of MicroSD card you can increase it up to 32GB. And if you talk about the camera, then a 2 megapixel rear camera has been given. And as we all know Nokia is already very well known for its battery, so that the Nokia 3310‘s full charge gives this phone a standby of 1 month with a continuous 6 hour conversation.

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And now let’s talk about its specialty:

Nokia has introduced a new retro UI with this phone, which allows the user to do the customer service. And with this the keypad has changed in this phone, as if you have more space in the middle of the button, which will be easy to type. At the same time, you know the snake game, which you have played many times, this game will come with this phone and because of this phone color display you will enjoy the color of the game.

Although Nokia 3310 people get frustrated because their stocks are not available, the company has claimed that they did not expect much response from Nokia 3310.

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