How to become successful youtuber || Don’t these five mistakes

How to become successful YouTuber || Don’t these five mistakes

How to become successful youtuber || Don't these five mistakes
How to become successful YouTuber || Don’t these five mistakes

Hello friends Welcome to the Wifi Guruji website and friends, as you all know my name is Shailesh and today in this article, I will talk to you about How to become successful YouTuber || Don’t these five mistakes  and why so many YouTube and very hard to create a channel by creating a lot of video on it Uploads but they do not get access and if they fail somewhere on their YouTube channel, then due to this, today in this article I I will talk to you on five points that will help you. And from these 5 points, you will understand that you do not have to make such a mistake in front of them, or because of these mistakes, maybe your channel is failing, so keep reading this article completely.

How to become successful YouTuber || Don’t these five mistakes, these are:

First mistake
Whenever you make a channel, it is very important to make it specific that the channel is relayed from which topic or which category is relayed and if you upload all your videos then the title of that video is very important. And whenever you upload a video, your channel is relieved from the topic, it should be the title of the related video and video itself.

Who is your audience? Exact Lee does not understand what the channel is related to which topic and which videos are going to be uploaded to it, your subscribers may be unsubscribed, and your videos can be seen less. Because as you are uploading videos on your channel the same audience is joining you and they are going to like that topic so that they are subscribing to your channel, so the topic of your video and so on When uploading the video, give it to the title.

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 Second mistake
 Initial first minute, yes yes, friends initially the first minute is very important for your video because a recent survey of YouTube has found that 80 percent of audiences watch your video or play your video.

Then in the first 10 seconds, we can guess whether we want to watch this video or not, and in the same way if you see it for a minute or a half and see the whole video That’s what they do That’s why whenever you create a video, make a 2 minute front video with great quality and good quality so that your audience plays your video and see that video full.

That’s why you complete the watch time of your video as soon as possible, Create such video Otherwise if the quality of the video is poor or the video does not sound, then your audience will leave your video in the first 1 minute.

Third mistake
Communication skills, yes yes friends whenever they leave the video in 10 seconds after playing your video. So mostly it also means that what your video quality and audio quality are like, then you talk about video quality later on but friends count on the communication skills that whenever you are presenting your video,

how does your communication Because if you have a little bit of communication or a bit of it then the audience will feel that you have less knowledge because you Talking in this way, it is very important to keep your communication skills as good as you can with as much communication skill as you can. You should also maintain video quality as much as your video standard will hold, so the audience will keep on holding there and your video will be understood by this audio or the audience will leave your video.

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Fourth mistake
You do not have to be nervous, what happens to friends often, when you upload your videos there, because you do not see the view on your video, you become nervous and because of being nervous, you do not have enough video to make And you can not give good videos in front of you, due to which the effect of the sit-down on your channel falls and your channel starts to drop down, then friends are concerned that You should not be nervous because when you upload a video, there are two types of videos.

Some videos are such that they take a quick view and some videos are such that after they upload they remain evergreen, which is still on But not before but slowly they are seen and keep growing, so friends should not be nervous. Just keep doing your work for you. You will also be seen on your video. As friends, for example, I tell you that everything that is trending in today’s trend is found instantly.

For example, if you make news till Tech News, then you get to watch it on the video because of what is currently happening. But if you make the tutorial for something, then the videos of the tutorial are uploaded to you and when you need it. If that happens, then that video is done very much and it is evergreen video, so such videos do not get quick views so you can keep your work done. A nervous and not AWAKE

Fifth mistake
Do not upload the Constant Li video, friends should keep uploading videos on your channel and keep the consistency and keep consistency for at least 1 year and if you want to upload your videos daily if you upload them every day You should upload one week if you want to upload a video in the week or if you do it in 10 days, you should do one in 10 days but come You must maintain a consistency that is ripe so that your audience and your subscribers are connected to you and understand when you upload your videos.

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And friends Secondly, whenever you upload your videos, make thumbnails intractable. Because a lot of audiences expose your thumbnail to what the video inside will be and it decodes from your title so that you can stop and give title intractable.

Important Tips to Grow Channels
In the last part of your video you must say that in order to like and share the video, as well as to comment and subscribe to your channel, this will increase your channel.

My personal recommendation

Friends, if you open the YouTube channel, add 50 or 100 videos to see what you get out of its output or friends, you leave the channel. Because the YouTube channel also Depends on Luck and YouTube’s algorithms if your videos are to run from YouTube’s algorithm, then you get a quick result and you hope that your channel will grow or not. So you can see it for 1 year. This is my last decoration.

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