How to Enable sponsorship button on YouTube?

How to Enable sponsorship button on youtube?

Hello, friends Welcome to WiFi, on this website where you get a tutorial related to technology as well as gadget reviews, then friends will tell you in this article today about the newly updated Sponsor button in YouTube and this articles related to How to Enable sponsorship button on YouTube?


How to Enable sponsorship button on YouTube?
How to Enable sponsorship button on YouTube?


Friends, as you all know, my name is Shailesh and this WiFi Guruji dot com, I post an article for you tutorial related to YouTube, so friends today in this article, we will know about the newly updated Sponsor button coming to YouTube. Friends, you have just seen so many YouTube channels in so many places where I mean to tell you on their home page that their YouTube channel’s channel art Next to the Subscribe button to give you sponsor buttons that appear in blue color.

How to Enable sponsorship button on YouTube?
How to Enable sponsorship button on YouTube?

So what are its friends, Advantage and its YouTube channel owner, or if you are on YouTube, then how do you get benefits? And what will be the benefit to you, that means that the creator as well as the sponsor who will sponsor that channel, along with other friends if you are on a YouTube, then how can you put the Sponsor button on your channel Keep reading this article completely.

Friends, this is the sponsor button, it was specially launched for gaming channels 6 months ago but now it is being given for every category of literature, this time it is on statistics mode and only a few channels have been given and many The channel is yet to give.
Friends, as YouTube, says that by putting the button on this phone on this channel, which is your creator, there are many things like expensive set up such as camera headphones etc. to create a video. Like for example, you can see the Youtube Sponsor button on any channel you like very much, where you can support it from Rs.149 every month i.e. can help you, that is, every month from the account? Rs.149 that creator Will go to

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Friends, if seen, this is a very good update coming to YouTube because you may have seen many times that there are many channels on YouTube that are very strong, and along with Struggles, they have very good quality videos And creates very good content channels, but for some reason their channel can not cross Google’s YouTube algorithm or there is some problem that makes them There is a lot of difficulty in creating your video, because of which their channels are shut down and they can not make video even if they want, so in this 150 ? 150 you support them, which helps them greatly.

If? 150 to even do so, then that creator can at least be 15000 so that he can grow well with his channel and also spend his daily expense, so somewhere it can give me a good Is engaged updates and maybe you can even get a good look updated and before that benefit from this update.

Friends, as you all know, just recently, just as you are seeing, the Sponsor button is appearing on large youtube channels, but if you talk about big money to the big channels then there are many such conjectures that make them millions of rupees Earns as adsense sponsorship affiliate marketing, as well as with advertisements date review and now sponsor’s button, which subscribers He can support them more than they can earn more and he can also grow his channel but it can be of great help if it is given a sponcer button on small YouTube or small channels The bigger the channel is not needed.

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Now let’s talk that everyone sponsors the snake’s channel or YouTuber. That is if you give them? 149 then you can benefit.
See friends, you do not have any advantage, so much so that whenever you like to comment on your video or comment or if you want to talk, a badge or a symbol will be given in front of your name. As you suppose, if you are ever chatting live, your name will be highlighted or you can chat with them privately or whenever you go to chat with them, your name will appear at the top.

Now let us talk about How to Enable sponsorship button on YouTube?
For this, you need to first sign in to YouTube. As soon as you are signed in, you have to go to Creator Studio where you can see on the left-hand side, you have to click on the channel option there. And at the bottom corner, where you have been given a lot of options in the lower corner, an option will show you the sponsorship where either ineligible or eligible will appear, if visible is visible then you can apply for the youtube sponsor button.

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How to Enable sponsorship button on YouTube?
How to Enable sponsorship button on YouTube?


And friends there you have to give a gift to your wizard or to your subscriber in exchange for that sponsor button, as if you were chatting with them Or if they have any problems, then questioning them, you can do anything like this, which you give as a benefit or a subscriber to the benefit of your friends, so what kind of buttons come on your channel like this? And you can take advantage of the YouTube Sponsor button option, and you can also give it a benefit to your customer or subscriber so that you can use the Youtube Sponsor button.

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