How to Get more ads on YouTube Hidden and Secret Features?

How to Get more ads on YouTube Hidden and Secret Features?

How to Get more ads on YouTube Hidden and Secret Features?
How to Get more ads on YouTube Hidden and Secret Features?

How to Get more ads on YouTube Hidden and Secret Features? on

Hello, friends Welcome to Wifi and today in this article, we will know what to do if you want to increase the ed on your videos and How to Get more ads on YouTube. YouTube works. Before this, you have to understand that the algorithm of YouTube is its system to run its ads, first of all, we talk about this system, which will give you benefits, to understand the algorithm of youTube, and accordingly you can add your add Can be installed.

Friends, I will tell you this system along with Google AdWords Keyword Planner, which will make you understand quickly and accurately. For your friends, you need to have a Keyword Planner and to be Keyword Planner, you will need to sign up for your Google Edwards account as soon as you sign up for Google AdWords, an account is created and you can add Keyword Planner Option is available. How to create a Google Edward account If you are thinking of this then stay connected with our website and I will give you the article on this.

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How to Get more ads on YouTube For example?

I currently put the technology in the search bar of Keyword Planner and search for it. And now you can see the relayed data from its vote, where you can see its total search of its total.

Let’s say if you show latest technology news where you are seeing the computations of the Handset from the average minister, surchase 10, this means in your video, if the latest technology news in title description and the tag is this keyword then your video will get fewer ads.

How to Get more ads on YouTube
How to Get more ads on YouTube

So friends, I’m going to explain to you a bit about it in detail. See Google Edwards. The company that works, works for advertising. A company gives its advertisements on Google Edward and friends will be given a keyword with this advertised keyword google. Chair as an example Table. Led Lights etc. So friends got this keyword jeene advertised on Google Edward’s advertising.
And if you sign up with your Google AdWords account and click on the tool’s option you see there, you’ll get the Keyword Planner and in this Keyword Planner, let’s assume that the keyword, table, led lights in these keywords When you enter one and search the result, you will see the result that you will find the average monthly search and computation where you will find a lot of average monthly search and compaction. The higher the meaning that the advertisements appear higher on that keyword, and if your video has the same title as the description and tag then your videos will also get more AIDS and your income will increase.

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“You are reading How to Get more ads on YouTube Hidden and Secret Features?”

Friends How to Get more ads on YouTube, if you have low ADS on your channel and income is decreasing, then you should use the same keywords in the same title description and tags in your videos. Monthly average search of China is high and computation is very high where people like Google Edward On whose side the word is given for advertising because Google Adsense runs its advertising in the same way and in your video it means that your If your keyword is in the title description and tag of the video, then your income increases.

Friends, I just wanted to tell you that you help Google Keyword Planner in this way and increase your income by giving your video the title description tag correctly.


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