How to keep your data safe and secure on online

How to keep your data safe and secure on online

Use this caution, will not steal data

Allegations of misuse of data are appearing on social sites but for us, we are not less responsible …

How to keep your data safe and secure on online social media Since the Facebook Data Leak case, people can now see the privacy policy on various social media platforms and manage more security in their account settings. The social media website already takes our consent that the user’s information will remain with them and it can be used to improve the quality of the subject.

But when we are making an account on social media, read the agreements without any aggravation, and agree to agree on it. They go further and the information asked is brutal. Talking about Facebook, we fall into so much greed that it does not hesitate to provide information to the third party itself. Let us know how our greed leads us to third parties.

How to keep your data safe and secure on online
How to keep your data safe and secure on online

 Do not miss greed
To know the future, read the horoscope and do not resort to any application on Facebook. It is often seen that on Facebook, people share the results of some apps that have been told that when your good time is going to start, when are you going to be rich, who is your closest friend, who is your celebrity?

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When you die or what were you in the past life After seeing the results of the front without considering the people, they sit by clicking on it to find out about themselves and this is the beginning of the difficulty. Even if you say that you will not see this result unless you share it but it has been done with the details that you have taken to show you the result.

Be careful to use the clicked add on the add
Not only this, when you click on a particular add-on on Facebook, your data goes to those companies. For example, if you have repeatedly hired pizza adders, then most of the pizza advertisements will appear on your Facebook wall. Not only do you eat two pizzas or sit in another restaurant and update the status of enjoying food and enjoying it.

This data also comes with the use of companies. And you keep getting offers related to that. Not only this, if you keep updating the roaming status, you will also see ads for travel sites.

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Do not make profiles more hi-fi
Even though you have created your profile when creating your account, advertising companies keep an eye on you. They know what your monthly income is and how much you can spend on living and how much you can spend on walking and how many movies etc.

That’s why you see ads related to them on your wall. Not only this, you will not only get related ads but also various types of posts such as articles and videos.

Be cautious about third-party apps
Experts have warned about the risks associated with the third party, i.e. outsiders, in the ongoing dispute over the theft of Facebook users’ information.

Experts believe that such a third party app on the smartphone needs to be careful about the level of access because such an app can access sensitive information from users to cybercriminals.

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For example, many games ask users who have access to their friend list or read text message messages. The question arises that what you have to do with someone’s address book in a game. Usually, people do not pay attention to it but this can have a great adverse effect.


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