How to Remove Content from Google when someone copied my content?

How to Remove Content from Google when someone copied my content?

How to Remove Content from Google when someone copied my content?
How to Remove Content from Google when someone copied my content?

Hello friends, I welcome you to Shailesh on the website of Wifi Guruji. Today in this article How to Remove Content from Google when someone copied my content?, we will know that many times it happens that you have a blog or you have a website then here is your content, that is what you wrote If someone stole or copied it and puts it on your blog or website, block or say that your article is there. So friends how you can recognize it.

What happens to friends if you do that article which is ranking on a website? Your article can come down.

See what often happens that there are many bloggers who copy your blog or article and copy them in so many expert ways that it does not allow your article to match. And on Google, your articles rank higher than what you are ranking. Friends, I have a lot of harm to you. And your article comes down.

 So let’s know who has copied your article, how you can recognize it. How to Remove Content from Google when someone copied my content?

Secondly, friends, if for example, you have made an article and if you want to see that the match is going on or copied with any article, even if you are using it, your article is being copied or not It can be found out.

If friends have done your art copy then you have two websites to identify it
Friends, this is the two website that is quite a good website about which I am speaking in this article today.
1) Grammarly
2) Copyscape’s 

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Friends, this is the two websites that tell you very well that where your content has been used and it is also very easy to use, so simple or you have to paste your blog’s link there and search it. You will find out the results you get by doing tax, where your content is used and on which website it has been used.

2) And friends second method is such that if you want to see how much content is used in your post, then you can copy your whole post or part of it in a paragraph or a line, With double inverted comma in the search bar, if you search by inserting it then you will tell Google.

Now let’s talk that if a website is caught, then whether it is on Blogger or on any website or on a website, then if it is on Blogger then Google will automatically remove it but if any website or WordPress Then what can you do in such a situation?

In such a situation, friends need to file a Complaint of Google’s DMCA.

Yes, friends are the DMCA, which is a copyright law in the United States, where the friends go to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which specifically follows the same Copyright Act on Google and if friends do so, then the link that you are seeing on this Click to go to the form that you have to decide on.


If friends are watching it by Blogger, then Google itself will remove it, but if someone is on Self Hosted or WordPress then in such a situation, Google removes the post from Google’s search or posts too much Google blacklist the website in that case, so that none of its posts are ranked by Google. Nor comes in Google search.

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Friends, you can see the name of the file Removing content from Google

Let’s see friends while filling this form. If your content is on a block which is on block blogger then you can find the options available on the blog, then suck the blogger there.

Or your content is on a WordPress website or someone else is on a self-hosted website so you can search the web search.

Let’s find out if you click on web search, Google will remove your content from Google’s search.
And below are the pages you see in the options.
Under him, you have to choose (I have a legal issue that is not mentioned above).

After this, you will have another page, below which I will give you
You have to suck on this (I have found content that may violate my copyright)

And in the bottom you will ask if this is your copyrighted content, then you have to click on the YES option.

So below you will be asked what your copyright has happened
Images of video or other
So you have to click on the other option.
A friend like you do it
So below I’ll see a link to a form, click on it
You will now be able to see a form.
Now here you have to complete the form

Your first name
Your last name
Company name if the company name
Copyright holder self
Your email address
And your country
I will now see you the description box below
The query you have there on it
Link to the post that is now copied in the box below
And now the link to the post that you have copied
And now the rest of the friends who tick the tick mark options you see
Put a date in the bottom
And enter the name in the signature
And in the last one, please submit this form.

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Friends, now your form has been submitted. Now Google takes 10 days and within 10 days if any of your posts have been copied if it is removed from Google search or copied too many posts then that website will be blacklist And removes it from Google rank.

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Friends, I hope you have liked this article of How to Remove Content from Google when someone copied my content?, if you have anything to ask about it then you can ask in the comment box which I will reply to you. And to get notifications of our upcoming article you can subscribe to our website. Like Facebook page, and follow on Twitter, friends, thank you for reading your article and visiting the website.

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