Modi’s ‘Man ki baat’ on the GST, say-it goes to the state governments in making successful credit

Modi’s ‘Man ki Baat’ on the GST, say-it goes to the state governments in making successful credit

Modi's 'Man ki baat' on the GST, say-it goes to the state governments in making successful credit
Modi’s ‘Man ki Baat‘ on the GST, say-it goes to the state governments in making successful credit

Speaking on GST, it gets credit for making it successful to the state governments.

In the 45th edition of Modi’s speech in New Delhi on Sunday, Jallianwala Bagh is about to complete one hundred years in the coming year. Modiji said one thing Modi said that violence and kurta The solution cannot be solved. A win always has peace and non-violence.

He also said in the address that the struggle for India’s freedom is very broad and very deep, which is full of countless martyrdom. And this is the history associated with Punjab, which is happening in the year 2019 that horrible event of Jallianwala Bagh is being completed hundred years, which has embarrassed entire humanity. And Modi also says that on 13th April 1919, the black day cannot be forgotten when abuse of power had crossed all the limits of Kurta and unarmed innocent and innocent people were shot and they were killed. Now, this event is going to complete 100 years. We can all think about how we remember it. But the incident that gave an immortal message to our country, we always remember.

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There are some key points in mind

The year is going to be completed and due to this, a country, a tax which was the dream of the people of the country, has turned into reality today and Modi talks about it.

GST is a very good example of honesty victory and cooperative federalism. It is a very big success for the country to achieve such stability within a year of May 30.

States are given credit for taking GST to this successful destination. All the states have done a good job together, have taken a good decision, and then the country has made such a big tax reform.

Before GST, there were 17 different types of tax used in the country. Now only one tax has been enforced across the country, from which 17 different types of taxes are taxed in this system.

With the arrival of GST, the movement of goods and goods became intensified, and the check post was over, which not only saved time but also got a lot of benefit in the logistics sector.

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If seen earlier, there were many complaints of Inspector Raj in the matter of tax in the country. Instead of GST Inspector, IT has been taken by the Information Technology, from the returns to refunds, all is seen only by online IT. .

Today, the Fourth Yoga Day was a different view throughout the world, from the European Parliament in Brussels to the United States headquarters in New York, even the naval fighter jets of Japan, people were seen doing yoga everywhere.

For the first time in Saudi Arabia, Yoga was the program where women took part in it.

India and China’s soldiers together with Yogashbesi on the interest of Ladakh on snowy peaks.

Kabir Das, who thought far ahead of his time, had given special emphasis on social harmony.

If only you can see, the first Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has shown the way to the people of Kotyata and at the same time, he should give inspiration for centuries, Guru Nanak Dev gave up in the society to end caste discrimination and treat the entire mankind as one of them. Hugs taught to embrace.

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Modiji also said that Mai Govinda and Narendra Modi have written to me many people have written to me about this day’s talk of Dr. Dey coming to me on this day and talk about it and on this day the doctor Celebrating the achievements of her will be thanked for her service to society.

In 1968, in order to celebrate how he should be celebrated with great enthusiasm on the light of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji 550, it was requested to give suggestions and new ideas to the people.


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