Podcast Now listening Offline in the google app

Podcast Now listening Offline in the google app

Podcast Now listening Offline in the google app
podcasting in the google app

Hello friends, welcome to all of you friends on the website of Wifi Guruji.com. My name is Shailesh and today in this article we will learn about the recent news related to Podcast Now listening Offline in the google app, Recently Google has made the essential device for podcasting among its users. Has planned a plan to make a plan to give more importance to video and audio results Is. The company has already added podcasting to the Google app on smart phones and now it is going to allow the convenience of users to download offline or download from which train. As well as the ability to download the offline stream or download the office for the convenience of the user. This technology has worked on a lot of giant technology specialists for podcasting and it can be used by users to work up to the end, and this app is going to give Google the full benefit of podcasting. is. And it will not spoil you until the end of the user and in order to run it, the app also gets a ‘Download’ button under each episode of a special show and gets the download size.
The user is given a home screen button to use it, which is recommended to pin. And then to listen to it, click on the episode of the given download button. It is also being said that all downloaded episodes will now be marked with a green checkmark and can be found on the home screen under the ‘Episode Download’ section. This indicates that the user can easily open the podcast app.

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Podcast Now listening Offline in the google app

However, the user can easily tweak settings and can extend up to 90 days and 7 days, or even turn off automatic deletion.
When a user first tries to download the episode,
They will be prompted that “30-day post download of offline episodes will be removed if you have not listened to them.
Otherwise, the downloaded episode will disappear after 24 hours later it is complete.


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The most striking thing is that the Google Apps podcast section is slowly getting smarter. The download button is podcast-focused which can be the first feature. This will make it easy for audio content creators to make it appear or searchable in Google search results every day. Google is also trying to include the podcast in search results. The download button is podcast-focused which can be the first feature.
Similarly, if talk about podcast business, this business is playing a lot this time and it is very booming that along with a big acquisition this business will complete this week in the coming days. Assurance of Pocket Acquisition by NPR is that there will be a big increase in the audio industry in the coming days. This is possible with the help of voice-based smart devices. Growth can be seen in companies making content with companies distributing materials.

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