Top 5 Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Under Rs 2000 (October 2017)

Best 5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker under Rs. 2000
Best 5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker under Rs. 2000

Top 5 Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Under Rs 2000

Everyone wants to be in touch with the music whether it is traveling or traveling with the family or
in the weekend to go in with friends, in such a time the music of an emphasis transmits your legs.
And everyone likes to enjoy it with music but we can not take our computer woofer’s or home theater
with us everywhere because the source of electricity for them Ona is very necessary was
invented portable speaker or boom box for such situations.
Now take a little bit of information about Portable Speaker Portable Speaker is a device that
is fully charged to give sound via FM, audio jack, micro SD card, pen drive and Bluetooth device.
And if you want a portable bluetooth speaker is a great option.
And it is very easy to use because you do not have to stay connected with any wire when listening to songs.
Just connect to a Bluetooth device and enjoy great music streaming.
So if you’re looking for the best portable Bluetooth speaker, then this post is for you.
Because we have told in this post about 5 best Bluetooth speakers who come closer to or near around 2000.
And if you can increase your little budget, then I would recommend you to the
Bluetooth speaker of MI Company which comes up to about 2500.
But music works very terrible and is also durable as well as good quality.
Because I have taken this experience well.

These are list of best five bluetooth speakar which are under Rs. 2000.

1. JBL GO portable Bluetooth speaker:

The JBL GO wireless portable speaker, with a nice and clear sound,
which makes loud sound in the Bluetooth speaker of Rs. 2000.
That’s why its greatness and quality with its brand name brings
it to the first place in our list. And it provides the audio
3.5 mm jack to connect with the devices. And supose that
you are not trying to use it like wireless.
So it also has an option for connectivity like Bluetooth and NFC.
And it is very light in weight. It comes with a rechargeable battery
whose battery provides a very good backup, which, if you charge the battery for up to 2 hours,
then continuous continuity can run for up to 5 hours.
In this, you have given options like volume control and bus control on single channel speaker.
You can use it with mobile / tablet speaker iOS and Android.
And this speaker comes in color black, gray, blue, pink, yellow etc.

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Company & Product Name                                 Price Checkout
1) JBL GO portable Bluetooth speaker                  RS –     2075  RS - 2075

2) Portronics POR-568 Posh

And in our 2000 list, the second option comes in the Portronics POR-568 Posh
because this quality is very super and it has been very strong.
On the edge of this speaker it has a nice bright finish.
Portionics posh is extremely powerful and sturdy, with two full-range drivers.
Audio effect is very clear with balanced effect. Bass quality is the star point of this speaker.
Overall, the sound of thisPecker is actually a hug sound. In this speaker,
there are buttons in it like receiving power on and off, Bluetooth on off,
volume plus minus, music track and if you use it as a USB audio device
by connecting with anyone You want to do.

Some of its features are like this:-
Its Bluetooth range is up to 8 meters.
IPX4 water resistant, which can handle the drop of water to some extent.
4 to 5 hours of battery backup after full charging gets in continuity.
Power On Off, Bluetooth On Off, Volume Plus Minus, Music Track Control and Call Receives.
Long press next / previous buttons for volume +/- controls.
Supports USB audio through a PC, and AUX cable.
Extremely powerful and loud.
1 year warranty.


Company & Product Name                                                      Price Checkout
2) Portronics POR-568 Posh                             RS –   1839  RS - 1839
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3) boAt Stone 600

boAt Stone 600, which is the third choice from our list of 2000 Rupees.
And if it’s designed to talk, then it comes with rock solid and perfect design.
And it looks very beautiful in appearance too. This Boat speaker is 100% waterproof as it comes to
100% protection against water with IPX 6 authentication.
It is also dust and shock proof as well as it has a dual 40mm driver with 40Hz-20KH frequency range.
And when its battery is full charging, it gives 8 hours of battery backup and its sound is very loud and
the price is very good with quality.
We highly recommend for this speaker for outside and party etc.

Some of its features are like this:-
90 – 20000 KHz Frequency response.
4:30 hours power backup after 2 hours charging.
weight: 200gm.
1 year warranty
Good USB, AUX, Bluetooth, Micro SD.
10 m Bluetooth range.
90 – 20000 KHz Frequency response.

Company & Product Name                                                    Price Checkout
3) boAt Stone 600                             RS –   1999  RS - 1999

4) Zoook ZB-JAZZ

The Zoo0k ZB-JAZZ speaker is the fourth choice of the list under the list of
the best Bluetooth speakers that came in 2000. If you are looking at portable speakers for a party,
The Zoo0k ZB-JAZZ is a very good and good speaker, which is very strong and solid speaker for listen to music,
with very loud sound. Its specialty is that a music flash has been turned in with it. When the music is playing,
the light shines with the help of LED. Which makes Itpiker even more beautiful.
The decent bass with the sound quality of this speaker is amazing. For connectivity,
it has Bluetooth, AUX, Audio jack, MicroSD USB options. It has a rechargeable battery of 1800 mh
which gives us around 5 hours of battery backup and at this price we can not expect more.
Overall, this is a very awesome and very good budgeted Bluetooth portable speaker.
Which gives you great enjoyment in music.

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Some of its features are like this:-
10 m Bluetooth range.
Good 90 – 20000 KHz Frequency response.
USB, AUX, Bluetooth, Micro SD.

weight: 200g.
4:30 hours power backup after 2 hours charging.
1 year warranty.

Company & Product Name                                           Price Checkout
4) Zoook ZB-JAZZ                               RS –   1240  RS - 1240

5) Philips BT64B/94

And now let’s talk about the number five on the list of our best Bluetooth speakers,
which is one of the best in the bottom of 2000 and with a good voice, Philips BT64B/94,
which is available for excellent quality and durable.
The keypad of this speakar is that its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to move somewhere.
The sound quality of this speaker is very good with Frequency Response 70 – 20000 Hz.
And if you are thinking of taking a speaker for party use then this speaker can disappoint you.
If talk about it’s a connectivity, it is a Bluetooth, SD card slot, oaks slot and FM.

Some of its features are like this:-

Call, FM Search, Previous / Next and Vol +/- Standby / Source, Play / Pause, buttons
Compact and lightweight design
Battery backup up to 4-5 hours
Built-in microphone
1 year warranty

Company & Product Name                                                             Price Checkout
5) Philips BT64B/94                                            RS –  1489  RS - 1489

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