What are Copyright Match Tool and its use?

What are Copyright Match Tool and its use?

What are Copyright Match Tool and its use?
What are Copyright Match Tool and its use?

Hello friends, Welcome to the Wifi Guruji website. Today I will talk to you in this article for What are Copyright Match Tool and its use? If you have a YouTube channel and you are a YouTube creator, then a new update has arrived on YouTube, in this article, I will tell you about it. You continue to read this article completely. Friends, this update is a big update for YouTube creator, which is a copyright match tool where you can save your videos and channels with copyright and duplication of your video and you can use this copyright match tool.

Friends, YouTube was already quite strict with this thing and had been working on it for many days and after that YouTube has brought this update because copyright videos were heavily loaded on the YouTube channel so that YouTube also faces a lot of duplication And damaged YouTube Creator’s videos. So let’s talk about this copyright match tool now.

Friends, this is a corporate match tool from YouTube, it’s just in beta testing mode. And recently it has got many YouTube channels and it is going to get everyone in front. And with this, you will find a new Creator Studio dashboard. Where you can use this copyright match tool.

Friends, there are many advantages of this copyright match tool that you can see in the new Creator Studio’s dashboard, let’s use it. Let’s talk about these advantages, first of all, friends, you will have a great advantage that whenever a creator Or on new YouTube if you upload your video by stealing or using it more in the name of Fair Use, you will get notifications where you can download Not taking. Many times you will have seen many YouTube channels that put videos on YouTube, or by downloading the same festive videos on YouTube, by copying or copying it, uploading it to YouTube and uploading it to YouTube or any other YouTube Creator It would not have been known if you were downloading it by downloading or copying the video or by using it more by its name, but you know it very quickly with the copyright match tool, You can take action to register. Friends, if you use one or two percent of your video, even then you will know. And friends can use this copyright match tool for you to use Useful Action, it instantly tells you who has copied your video or downloaded your video and uploaded it.

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What are Copyright Match Tool and its use?
What are Copyright Match Tool and its use?

Let’s know this copyright match tool in detail
So, friends, this is a copyright match tool which is how it works. Friends, whenever a creator downloads your video, no matter how often, but the first time a video uploaded to YouTube, it will give a notification that the exact video like you has been uploaded to a channel anywhere you know it immediately Will go.

 Now let us know what will be your choice
As someone uploaded your video, whether it is one or two percent or more in the name of the user, then what will you do at that time. First of all, friends who have uploaded your video will know this thing immediately with all its details such as its channel name, subscriber, how much of your video has been used etc. All this detail will appear on your new Creator Studio dashboard, and not only so, but also how many views are seen in that video.

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 Now you have 3 options for this.
The first option can allow you to use it, saying that you do not take any action and use it by saying okay.

The second option is that you can message them whatever you have a problem, you can call them or if you want this video by chatting with them, you can either leave or you can also delete it, or you can Any message you want to give can give the message.

The third option is that you can take action on that video. Here you have all the options as you can fix a schedule to remove the video. You can ask him to remove where he gets a 7-daytime, within 7 days, you remit the video or you can give a copyright strike on it.
The second option is that you can immediately ask him to remove his video or you can give a strike. And this will be the standard request that will be used by all of you if you use this option, firstly it will go to YouTube request and YouTube will check that video and it does not have more than Fair Use or Fair Use. Then YouTube will remove them and give them a strike.

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What are Copyright Match Tool and its use?
What are Copyright Match Tool and its use?

So friends can use copyright match tool in this way, though not everyone has got it yet, but within 1 month, everyone will get it and you will be able to use this copyright match tool and friends have a thing for new YouTube channels That if you uploaded a video or if it is a duplicate or 20 percent of 30 percent is 50 percent, then you should remove it because this copyright match tool will soon send those videos Micro grabs and that gives them a notification and messaging is why you go to be careful and be removed from those pictures now so before you strike it found some problem right.

More in details goto official link: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7648743?hl=en-GB

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