What are tag and description for the youtube video?

What are tag and description for the youtube video?

Hello friends, Welcome to the website of Wifi Guruji, how do you create a YouTube channel so that you know how to create a YouTube channel and how to upload a video on it whenever you upload a video. You see a publishing option on there, when your friends click on you, your video will be publicly publicized, which all people will get your video Can meet friends if you want to tag and description to your video that you can give to this article about this I will tell you. Friends, first of all, we know what is tag and descriptive. What is the benefit of this and how it goes. So let’s start What are tag and description for the youtube video?

how to create New YouTube channel

How to upload the video to the youtube channel

What are tag and description for the youtube video?

Friends, first of all, we know what is tag and descriptive. And why is it necessary to give it whenever you upload your video and then publish it then your video appears publicly. So first of all, we talk about the description of the video that you have created and the entire topic or video that is related to the topic, you will have to complete the complete information with details in the description box given below. It is easy to read the information that you have given about the video you are sick with doing so. And they understand what that video is about. Also, if you have links to anything related to your video or link to your social media account or link to your YouTube channel in that description box. Which helps your discreet to understand the video and to learn about the video and to follow the rest of the links given to you. Friends, as far as possible, you should give a 1000 descriptors. And with this you can also subscribe to your YouTube channel in the description.

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what is tag and descreption for youtube video
What are tag and description for the youtube video?

Now let’s talk about the tags of friends as you can see in the image below the description, if I see many tags, then what is this tag. Whenever you upload videos to your channel. And then publishing it, the video is publicly listed on YouTube, after which any detail
If you want to watch your video or you have a video on your topic or to which it has a related video, you have to keep the tag for the video in order to see it. Because to look at all the videos on YouTube, Viver always typed something in the search bar of YouTube and whatever word it is typing in them, only when we upload our video, the description below and The box for the tag is displayed. There we have to tag that we call the keyword. And when this keyword is inserted on any YouTube search bar, the tag of our video matches that keyword. And that’s our video on YouTube’s front page so that she can watch our video.

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With the help of Tag air, the views on your video grow and your channel grows.

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