What is a Domain Name? and how does it work

What is a Domain Name? and how does it work

 What is a Domain Name? and how does it work
What is a Domain Name? and how does it work

Hello, friends Welcome to the Wifi Guruji website Today in this article we will learn What is a Domain Name? and how does it work that the domain that your friends have often heard? So friends are what this domain is like. Actually, it’s called domain name. So friends today, in this article we will know what is the domain name. So keep reading this article completely.

So let’s start friends What is a Domain Name? and how does it work

In the Internet world, any website is identified by its address. To say, friends mean that we are determined to have a website with its address. As a friend, for example, mobile is identified as its number in the same way. Friends, we can also the website for a website.

Friends, the Internet was not the beginning of the Internet at the beginning of the Internet, the identity of its website is still the IP address, like IP address and the website was shown but in view of future prospects, the domains system was implemented. Gaya. Because today there are millions of websites on the internet which are difficult to manage. And because of this, if there is no system to identify a website then there is no utility of internet.

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 What is a Domain Name? and how does it work
What is a Domain Name? and how does it work

Let’s take a little longer to understand it in detail whenever a website is placed on the internet then it is given an IP address. Ok, guys, this IP address is in them something like Now, friends, think of it as if you have to remember such points, how difficult it would be for a website. Due to this, the domain name system was enforced to identify the friend’s website. The domain name friends are the option of that website’s IP address but which we can easily remember.

Let’s know how this works, so whenever you enter a website’s domain name on your Internet browser, the domain name converts that IP address on the server and shows it to your website. It’s easy to remember the domain name compared to the IP address and it’s simple.

Friends, ICANN, we are an American organization for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This organization manages all the domains around the world. Friends, if you want to get a custom domain for one of your own websites or for your own block. You have to register your domain with any domain name registrar, certified by ICANN.

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If the friends are asked to speak in simple language, then the domain name means the name of your website. For any website you want to have your name, you have to buy a domain name. And friends come in with this extension which is the domain name. For example, dot com, dot in, dot org, dot net friends are extensions of all these domain names, for which I will give you an article in the coming days with that explanation.

Let’s talk now that if you want to register the domain name in India, then there are two such companies in India who provide domain names and which are very famous. But this company gives you very simple and good service. is.



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