What is an IP address (Internet Protocol Address)? and its types of IP?

What is an IP address (Internet Protocol Address)? and its types of IP?

What is an IP address (Internet Protocol Address)? and its types of IP?
What is an IP address (Internet Protocol Address)? and its types of IP?

Hello, friends Welcome to the website of Wifi Guruji, in this article today, we will know What is an IP address (Internet Protocol Address)? and its types of IP? and will know in next article what is the difference between the external IP address and the internal IP address. Friends, keep reading this article completely. And before proceeding, I would like to tell you that if you want to stay up to date with such a new article, then friends should subscribe to our website so that our new upcoming articles will keep you getting the notification and you will get the Facebook page You can also follow Twitter as well.

Let’s start with friends What is an IP address (Internet Protocol Address)? and its types of IP?

Friends, the first full address of an IP address is that the Internet Protocol is the full form of this IP address.
Friends, the way we live, such as the address of every people, every house or computer is done in the same way, or the device that is connected to the Internet has an IP address that we call Internet Protocol Address Are there. This address is a unique address.

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Friends Internet has now become a place where people can travel with millions of kilometers away without being able to talk to them, talk to them, make video calls from them and through photos Can see them. And if I see that in a few seconds more and more friends are on the social media or do not know how many strangers are acquainted with.

And because of all the Internet, the internet network is so big and there is an exchange of data to make this move of the Internet. For many of the tools that the internet is responsible for, one of the tools is the Internet Protocol, which we call the IP address.
Every single IP address has an ID. Through IP address we can know about any device and whatever device is connected to the internet, we call host.

Now friends know how this IP address works?
Friends IP address is in 32-byte Numerical Word which is divided into four digits. And here are 0 to 255. For example, you can see |

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All of our devices that are connected to the internet have a different ID that is an IP address. And so whenever we search any information whenever we have any computer, laptop, or mobile or any device connected to the Internet. Friends, from this IP address the router learns where to send the data. And he collects the information to the user’s protocol address, where he has been given the command.

Let’s talk about the IP address’s version
So far there are two versions of the IP address
So far, only two versions of IP address have been developed.
1) IPv4 (Internet protocol address version 4)
2) IPv6 (Internet protocol address version 6)

And now no further need to create an IP address, it looks like IPv4 (Internet protocol address version 4) can create an unlimited IP address from its coding.

Types of IP Address

Friends know how many types of IP Address is.
There are two types of IP address types.
1) Static IP address:
Friends Static IP address is the one who does not change, the IP address remains sub. We call it the Static IP address.

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2) Dynamic IP address:
These are the IP addresses that change which we call the Temporary IP address. When a computer or device accesses the internet, it is given a new IP address. We call it Dynamite IP address.


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