What is Google AdWord And It’s Benefits

What is Google AdWord And Its Benefits

What is Google AdWord And Its Benefits
What is Google AdWord And Its Benefits

Hello friends, I welcome you to Shailesh Wifi Guruji.com and more friends on this website, as you all know, on this website, I give you a tutorial from Technology, today I will tell you in this article what is Google AdWord And What is Google AdWord And Its Benefits. So keep reading this article completely.

Friends, do you know what Google AdWords is? Google AdWords is Google’s one. The rest is a service that is similar to service advertisements. In which you can see the advertisements above any word and increase the view on that page through it. This word is particularly called a keyword. And through this Google AdWords service, you can promote your business through this. This service target keywords by Google, and according to it, it creates a lot of traffic. Friends Google AdWord Service This is a paid service which we call search engine marketing, in short, it is called SEM.

If you want to advertise anything on Google, Google Adword is a great service.

For example, if you are a blogger then you can give the advertisement of your page to Google Adword. You can apply the word of your page to which it is related to the advertisement, and you will see its page from its vote. Or if you sell something, you can still apply the keyword of that ad to Google through Google Adwords for advertising. This will bring traffic to the web page of your product, and I will accrue your cell.

How Google Adword Works

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Friends, Google AdWords shows the keyword of the keyword you want to advertise on the search engine results page, as well as the keyword you are interested in. It shows your advertising to the related sites. In the same way, you can increase your blog’s popularity. When friends give you the service of Google Edwards on your side, whenever a person searches for that keyword in the search bar of Google. Then Google shows you advertise on Google’s right side. Friends, Dependents that when you are giving Google Adword to AdWords, you are putting a campion on it because there are ads in the advertisements and it works on that type. In this article, we will give you a front.

And secondly, friends are such that on the website where Google Adsense has been ad-hoc, your ad is not available on this related site or on sites where the related keyword has been recently seen or searched for your keyword. There will be your add show. From which you will receive more traffic.

Let’s know how you have to pay to run your ad on Google Edward, friends, here you have to pay money according to CPC, it means to click on cost that is called cost per click. Clicking on friends cost is that whenever a user clicks on your ad, then you have to pay and you do not have to pay when a user does not click on your ad. Friends, you have to maintain Google Adword on any page that you add your ad, whether it is your blog or any other service or service, its quality and service have to be kept good.

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For example, if you have great content on your blog, which is unique and is very helpful for the people, the real you will get the traffic but your blog will be able to get as much as possible. I want you to have a good quality content on your blog that is unique and that people should be more interested in reading or content such as this kind of content should be kept.
Friends, if you do not have a good and new content on your blog, then people will reduce the interest on your blog and your day-to-day traffic will be reduced.

What is Google AdWord And Its Benefits
What is Google AdWord And Its Benefits


Now let’s talk about what Google’s benefits are to AdWords

With Google Adword you will find out how many people have seen your ads and how many clicks have been made on it and how many percents of people from your ad have come to your page. This kind of complete result will show you.

In advertising, you can target your selected location. Which will benefit you a lot? As if your blog or product is relayed from the city or location, you can target the location of the city so that you will have good traffic.

In the Google Advertising Campaign, you can target 40 languages

You can also target time in advertising, for example, if you have to run in your add day, then you can target only for the day.

At Google Edwards, you can start, pause, or stop your advertising at any time.

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You can also set a budget for your advertising in Google Adwords You can run Google AdWords’s advertising campaign according to your budget. Here you can easily control your budget.

Google works with a click on AdWords Costs so that you have to pay money if a user clicks on your add job.

To bear in mind
If you use Google Adsense then you can not use Google AdWords because your ad for Google Admittance will not work because Google does not align the visitor to Adsense. That’s why if you use Google Adsense do not use Google AdWords.

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