What is the difference between http and https Detail And Explain

http vs https
http vs https

What is the difference between http and https Detail And Explain

As you would have heard many times you would have read about http: // and https and now you are a IT field student or an employee of an IT company or a blogger, then we can expect that you can get this word from Not deprived. And we have a lot of information about it so that we can expect. And if you know it is a very good thing. But in many people it is confused that it is http: // and https: //

What is the difference and what is the difference between these two. Although we all use the internet a lot, we have seen many times a web address in front of http:// or https://. So, it is finally used, so we tell you today in this article that what the two of them are, what is the use of this and what is the difference between the two

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So let’s start the post.

What is Http: //?


Its full form of HTTP is that (hypertext transfer protocol). Which is a protocol which is more than just a set of rules. And if its simple and IGI explain, then it just works to communicate between the client and the server. As such, because of this, we can take any information from the server in our browser and in the same way we can send our own to the server with the help of the browser.

When we take any information on the computer, first of all, we type our keywords on the search bar of our search engine on our browser. And after that our ISP connects us with Server where our information remains unavailable. However, Server responds to the information we need and store it on there. And likewise, exchange of data with the help of HTTP is enforceable, but there is a problem in its privacy issues. Because the connection between the client and the Server, which is the connection between it is completely inherent, because whenever a connection is made, it is completely open. It means to say simple plane text form is a make connection, so if there is any It is easy to hack web address if you want to hack it because HTTP is encrypted. And if you are reading normal article on the internet or watching videos or listening to songs, this kind of if you are doing any normal work, then there is no difference to this, but if you talk about ID and password like this Because of the place it is a sensitized formation and your job is to do as you are net banking or do online shopping, which is a transaction, or your personal e El ID etc. So the hacker wants to hack such things. Therefore, it is okay to use normal HTTP till normal working.

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What is https: //?


Https is the hypertext transfer protocol secure. First of all, we would like to tell you that this is the word which is https: //, which is a word mixed with 2 words which is first is http and second is SSL / TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol.

https = http + ssl

This makes it secure because it contains extra layers which is in front of HTTP which is called SSL, which is called the Secure Sockets Layer. And friends here the interpretation of HTTP is the same as mentioned above and now we talk about the second word which is associated with s s l.

And it’s also like HTTP that has a connection to the web server and web browser, but this connection is completely encrypted. If a hacker wants it, then it can not be hacked. And if a hacker hacks it, then because of the personal data being encrypted in it, that hacker does not get the personal details because it is computational security and encrypted. And the reason for staying in the data encrypted form

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To make him work, he has to decryption which is not easy.

And this is why you will have seen many times where the online shopping or banking transactions, social media accounts, and many such websites where there are email IDs and passwords, can be found mainly at https: //. Because everyone wants the user to stay that information private.

Lastly, friends, we would like to say to you, at any time, you do not enter your personal details, this bank transaction, your email ID and password, such as a website which is not Https because it can hackers easily.

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Defference Between http:// And https://

Url starts with http: //                                                                                         url https: // starts with

to communicate

protocol uses 80 port.                                                                                        for communication

                                                                                                                         use protocol port 443

Yes it is not safe                                                                                                Yes is safe

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This is the application layer operated                                                                  This used the transport layer.

data not encrypted                                                                                             data encrypted

Ssl certification not available                                                                              Ssl certification makes a big difference

https:// benefit’s And Compare To http

A secure communication between Server and the browser

And it protects the user’s sensitivity information.

And if you are a blogger / website owner, then it gets a good rank on Google

To get your browser alert and alerts, please register your blog on the door.

And with this help the users’ trust increases on you

And in this, the user can do banking and Money transactions without worrying

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Hope you enjoy this post. If you have any suggestions or questions about this in your heart, then comment in the comment box below and share this post in your friend and family and just follow our facebook page and do not forget to subscribe to youtube channel.

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