What is the NFC in the smartphone and what does NFC work for?


What is the NFC in the smartphone and what does NFC work for?

Friends In this article, we will know what is NFC? What does this NFC work? And what kind of advantages does NFC make in our smartphone? We are going to give you full details of NFC in this article.
Many times you have seen an NFC option in an Android smartphone or Apple’s smartphone. Or at times you will hear the name of NFC. But hardly have you ever used NFC And hardly you know what happens to NFC? So friends, first of all, we know what happens to NFC. So NFC is a wireless service like Bluetooth and WiFi. But this does the job in a very simple and easy way. And NFC’s service is a very good service. Now we know the NFC service in detail

What is NFC?

NFC’s full form is “Near Field Communication” Its simple meaning is to make communication at a nearby place. And if you talk technical, then by installing 2 electronic devices in this technology or by setting up two communication devices between two centimeters (2 inch) and making communication between them. The electromagnetic radio field is used in NFC transmission. It has to keep the device in close proximity. And the communication of the device in this energy service becomes very secure.
NFC service works on the basis of Radio Frequency Identification Standard because it is a short range wireless technology. Which serves as the communication protocol and the data exchange format. NFC is a wireless data transmission technology.

NFC Service
NFC Service

How does NFC work in mobile?

Antennae is required in the device to work in NFC service mobile. The size of this antenna is not like a common antenna. Rather it is designed like a chip, it is placed on the smartphone’s battery site or in the back cover of the phone. NFC Data Transparency Rate is NFC 106, 212, 424 kbits / s which is supported.

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NFC Standards can use the device in three different modes of operation. In which the first common turn of the smartphone is the peer-to-peer mode. It happens that, two NFC enabled devices are exchange information between each other. Both devices stay active while sending data in this turn. And while keeping data, both devices live in passive mode. The device’s power consumption level is low.

Reed and Write This is the second turn. This is a kind of one way data transmission. In this, an active device creates a link between the other device. This can read the information of the other device there.
This turn is used for NFC Tag.

Card Emulation is the third and final mode. In this turn, NFC can use the device to make payments like a smart card or a credit card, as well as the turn which you can use to tap in the public transport service.

Now, talking a bit about the development of energy, Sony, Nokia and NPP companies for NSC service development created a non-profit association in 2004. And this is called the NFC forum. In this situation, more than 200 members have been formed in this company.

NFC Benefit

Mobile payment

With the help of NFC service, you can easily pay from mobile like credit or debit card. Just as the swipe swipe from the machine using a debit card, the NFC can be used to save the debit card information and then you can pay by typing the device from the typing machine. The advantage of this inconvenience is that you do not have to take credit card or debit card together.

Google launched this service through Android pay in Android 4.4. The Apple company launched this service in September 2014 through its Apple pay.

Data Transfer

With the help of NFC service, you can easily transfer data between two devices. In this service, you only have to make the NFC of both mobile and have to touch each other. And then you can transfer data to which you have to transfer, just by tapping it.
With the help of NFC, two devices have to walk. You can easily do this, such as Bluetooth pairing, music player, bluetooth speaker, wifi network, wifi direct and easily pair this service with your device.

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Device Pairing

With the help of NFC, two devices have to walk. You can easily do this, such as Bluetooth pairing, music player, bluetooth speaker, wifi network, wifi direct and easily pair this service with your device.

NFC Tags

This means a small sticker or tag that is programmed by the NFC app.
By using it we can store personal data. Nfc tag stores data in read only format. Such as credit card or debit card information, or password or PIN, networking contacts, and securely store important information like this. With the help of NFC tents, you can securely exchange your data like this.

NFC Business Card or Poster

An NFC business card has an NFC chip. And that business is business related information on that chip. Such as address, contact, website, information. And so is the NFC poster too. And it is used in some way like this now, as soon as you enable your NFC in the device and later touch that device again, poster or business card. So that information is saved in your mobile.

NFC Identity and Token

You can use the NFC Service-enabled device as an electronic identity document and or as a keyword. With the help of Electronic Identity Documents, you can securely share your identity document.

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So friends of NFC, you may have probably got the full information from this article that I hope you enjoy this article. If you have any suggestions or questions about this, comment in the comment box. Like our Facebook page, please subscribe to YouTube channel as well.

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