What is URL (Uniform Resource Locator)? how the URL works?

What is URL (Uniform Resource Locator)? how the URL works?

What is URL (Uniform Resource Locator)? how the URL works?
What is URL (Uniform Resource Locator)? how the URL works?

Hello, friends Welcome to friends at the WIFI Guruji website. My name is Shailesh and friends. In this article today we will know What is URL (Uniform Resource Locator)? how the URL works?. And what is the full form of URL and how it works? Friends, keep reading this article completely. Before moving forward, let me tell you if you want to update this type of new article, then subscribe to our website.

Friends first know What is URL (Uniform Resource Locator)?

If the friends tell the URL in plain language, then see if there is an address to bring a letter in our house or an address where there is a courier to send on. But when this address is available, we can post it to any letter or courier. Otherwise, we can not send it apart. Similarly, the URL also has an address on the Internet. And with this help, we reach the internet very easily from any website. As friends, you have reached the website of our WiFi Guruji.com at this time. Where does this go to the URL?

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Friends, you know what is the full form of this URL. Friends URL is the full form uniform resource locator, which friends reproduce to a website or any website’s website. Or, in simple language, you take you to a web page.

The URL is composed of three things:
1) Protocol
2) Domain Name
3) Domain code

Friends URL is made up of three things in which the first part of the friends is HTTP, the friends of HTTP’s Full Form Hypertext Transfer Protocol that is the Protocol. Friends help to transfer data to the internet. And the other part is of the domain name. The friends who know the address of any penetrator website, that is the address such as our website’s WiFi Guruji.com friends, this is also a domain. Open this link if you have complete information about each domain name. And the third part is of the domain code, which indicates what kind of website this is. Like friends, our website is the domain code dot com. Which shows any commercial website. And friends are similar to other domain codes too. Which you can read in the bottom

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.gov (government)
.edu (Education)
. org
.net (network)
.mil (military)
.in (India)

Friends do you know how the URL works?

Friends Every internet website has an IP address and this IP address is in Numerical format. Like www.google.com its IP address is, and so whenever we type the URL of a website into our browser, our browser folks replace that URL with the help of that DNS’s IP address is. And it reaches the website that we searched in the Google search bar.

Friends, I used to access a website directly from its direct IP address but it was a difficult method due to which the domain name was enforced. Because it was very difficult to remember so long number people. That’s why DNS (Domain Name System) was enforced, due to which we can easily remember the name of any website and friends are called this domain name. You can also read this post as to what our domain name is.

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Let’s just think that Flipkart, Amazon, Google, Snapdeal, Facebook, WiFi Guruji, all these website names would have been, 26.649.1641.42 so friends can help you remember them. The Domain Name System (DNS) was developed for not being able to keep friends. And this is why you can easily remember the URL of any website.


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Friends, I hope you have understood the URL and you have liked this article of What is URL (Uniform Resource Locator)? how the URL works? how do you feel about this post and if you have any questions about it, then comment in the comment box. And to get notifications of new articles, you can subscribe to our website. Like the Facebook page. Follow Twitter You can do us. And subscribe to the YouTube channel. Thank you for reading the article and for visiting our WiFi Guruji website.

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