What is Youtube Paid membership new youtube update 2018

What is Youtube Paid membership new youtube update 2018

What is Youtube Paid membership new youtube update 2018
What is Youtube Paid membership new youtube update 2018

What is Youtube Paid membership new youtube update 2018 on wifiguruji.com

Hello, friends Welcome to friends at Wifi Guruji.com. My name is Shailesh and today in this article, I will tell you, on the new update on YouTube that you have clicked on your user login icon, you see an option in those options. You will know this tree membership in tree membership and what are the benefits of this article. Continue reading this article and subscribe to our website to be updated with similar new notifications.
Friends will be in this option, as you know, there was a YouTube Red option on YouTube, so that if any user sees the video then he did not see the advertisement on the video. But YouTube Red did not show ADS to those who are your subscribers. If someone does not have an ad show on your YouTube video, then how will your income? So friends have placed certain terms and conditions in the Tree Membership that YouTube will earn from you. Let’s know about this tree membership option.

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It will happen in the Tree Membership that till you take tree membership, you will not have an ad show on any video and it will have a recharge which you will have to do.
You can also run your background video in it. And one benefit from this option is that you can download any video from this tree membership option. As you know before, the creator could have given the option of downloading his video only, but you can also download those videos from the tree membership option.

And in the same way if you talk about it, as you know, there are many videos and movies on YouTube that you have to pay, but due to this option, you will be able to watch those videos and movies for free. Also, there was much music that you had to listen to by paying money and you will now be able to listen to it now. But friends, these friends are in some countries even though India is not yet in India that in coming days India will also come.

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Friends, for example, I will tell you like if you are in Australia and you have taken this tree membership where you can download videos where you can watch videos free and if you come to India then it will be your convenience. Will not get. And if you have downloaded any video you can see it for 30 days, you may not be able to see it before.

Friends, this was about Benefit Tree membership, but I can not tell you now that this will know what will be useful to the YouTube creator in the coming days. However, tree membership which is a YouTube user can be beneficial for them.


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