Which is the best time to upload video on YouTube best YouTube tips?

Which is the best time to upload video on YouTube best YouTube tips?

 Which is the best time to upload video on YouTube best YouTube tips?
Which is the best time to upload video on YouTube best YouTube tips?

Hello, friends Welcome to friends at Wifi Guruji.com. My name is Shailesh and today in this article, we will see Which is the best time to upload video on YouTube best YouTube tips? and how the way you make a video and upload it to your YouTube channel, the way in which the video quality of a video Its sound quality and the content of the video, the background of the video etc., the more important it is, the more friends, the time in which you video It is also an important uploading. To get more views on your videos, whether your channel is a Subscriber or a Thousand Subscriber or Lakhs Subscriber, timing of the video uploading can prove to be an importer for you. Friends, if you think this article’s article is interesting, then I will tell you in the comment box and subscribe to our website to keep getting such new article notifications so that you can get daily updates.

Friends, I will get you information by combining two parts such as friends, if you have 0 subscribers or very few subscribers, then what time will you be able to upload your video and if so much more and much more Subscriber is the best time to upload your video, which will help you to grow your channel.

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First of all, I talk to friends who have zero subscribers or have very few subscribers. What time of them will be eligible for uploading your video so that view on their videos and subscribers can grow faster and more? Friends, if you post your video every day or you post your video on any day in the week, for example, if you post your video on every Wednesday and Sunday, then you set a time for it as if Suppose at 9:00 pm And friends, you set your day and time accordingly, and keep your day and time in your channel banner which we call channel art. For example, as a timeline of a TV serial, for example, you set the day and time of your YouTube channel on your initial stage so that people can know that the time in which you have a video Come every time to help your channel grow.

Friends now talk about the other part of which their subscribers are good, whose channels have grown well, whose maximum subscribers and videos are good, how they should set their time. Friends, whatever is on your channel, the country wins, there are more views of a country, then there is some country’s work. And the time of each country is different, if your USA traffic comes, the best time for you will be something different for the video to be published and if you get Traffic India then you have a different time. If you upload a video at 12:00 in the night, then you will find the views you can think of. That’s why you have to pay attention to time while publishing your video.

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Friends now know how you can check traffic on your video, from which country the country is coming from and how you can set that country’s good time of your time.

Friends, First of all, we know about which country you are taking traffic from on your video.

You have to go to your YouTube channel, then click Creator Studio.

You will see in the left side Analytics to click on it and in the bottom, you can see you will see a Real-Time option. You have to click on it.

Which page will show you? With the overview of your channel, some options will appear in the bottom where you will see Geography in front of the Video option.

Now you will see there over the country you see more than the country views will be seen on top of the country. If your friends show your India then you will have the focus area India to set the time and you have to set the time which is the time of India, according to the time you have to set it, you have to set it.

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How can you check the time that all friends have to set, or how you can know which time will be good for you to set.

 Which is the best time to upload video on YouTube best YouTube tips?
Which is the best time to upload video on YouTube best YouTube tips?

Friends, the graph that you see on the top page on the same page shows the real time of your video in the last half hour of the last 48 hours, from which to see you it is that according to your YouTube channel and half of your video Viewing timings of view in more than half an hour, you have to set the same timing.


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