World Population Day 11th July 2018! Why & How Celebrate Population Day?

World Population Day 11th July 2018! Why & How Celebrate Population Day?

World Population Day 11th July 2018! Why & How Celebrate Population Day?
World Population Day 11th July 2018! Why & How Celebrate Population Day?
World Population Day 11th July 2018! Why & How Celebrate Population Day? on

Population day

July 11 This Day is known as World Population Day due to the explosion of an explosive population throughout the world, as well as to solve the major mistake of seven whole human bondage and to call people on the platform, It is only celebrated with eagerness. World Population Day This great event is celebrated in the whole world to bring people’s population revolution in order to break the sleep of this great awareness and deep sleep in humanity so that they give their full attention in meeting this population issue. Could

World Population Day 2018

On “July 11, 2018, World Population Day” will be celebrated by people all over the world.

World Population Day History

Every year on July 11, the World Population Day is a great program to be celebrated all over the world. The objective of celebrating this day is to raise awareness among people around the world about population issues. World Population Day, First of all, the United Nations Development Program in 1989, which we call UNDP in short, was started here by the Governing Council. In 1987, the Global Population Day was nearly 5 billion on July 11 and it was in the interest of the public. Was raised.

When the World Population Day celebration of 2012 was distributed all over the world, according to the following message “Universal access to reproductive health services” the global population was approximately 7, 025, 071, 966. This big step was taken for a healthy society and big steps as well as a sustainable future. Health care is done as an important investment in demand and supply to fulfill. This step was taken to reduce the population’s population by reducing the population and reducing social poverty to celebrate World Population Day.

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When the population on Earth reached about 7 billion in 2011, it was a major challenge for development. Similarly, according to a decision taken by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Program in 1989, it was recommended for World Population Day that on July 11, to raise awareness among all the general public and to deal with issues related to the population, World population should be celebrated globally by the community at the global level to find solutions and in some way the world population As security Day Day is being observed. World Population Day was started to focus on the importance of population issues, and the first World Population Day was started on July 11.

Why is World Population Day celebrated?

The reproduction of the community is paying a lot of attention to health problems because it is the leading cause of ill health among pregnant women in the world as well as the purpose of the governing council of the United Nations Development Program, and this is why the world population The purpose of the United Nations Development Program’s Governing Council is to celebrate the day.

According to the report, it has been found that it has been honored that almost 800 women die and die every day in the process of giving birth to the child and that is why the Campaign of World Population Day is going on every year in the direction of its reproductive health and family planning The purpose of enhancing the knowledge and skills of the United Nations Development Program was through the Governing Council’s World Population Day.

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Approximately 1.8 billion young people are entering their reproductive years as well as paying attention to the primary part of reproductive health, it is also very important that the United Nations Development Program believes. According to statistics, it is revealed that it has been noted that on January 1, 2014, World Population Day has reached 7, 137, 661, 030. July 11, Annual Celebration of World Population Day In order to make people more aware, there are many more activities and events planned together.

World Population Day on 11th July, through this great awareness festivities, people’s population issues such as increasing population, gender equality, poverty, human rights, infant and maternal health, right to health, family planning towards community education To learn about, people are encouraged to participate in this program as well as reproductive health, condoms, kisoo World Population Day is the purpose of the use of pregnancy, child marriage, childhood education, sexually transmitted infections and the like, such as contraception and safety measures. According to the report and statistics as per the report and figures on sexuality issues among the youth, especially between the ages of 15 and 19 years, it has been mentioned that at this age approximately 15 million women give birth to children every year and Approximately 4 million goes for abortion.

How is World Population Day celebrated?

World Population Day is celebrated internationally with great enthusiasm by organizing a variety of activities and events to work together on issues related to the growing population, on issues of increasing population. Some activities include seminar discussions, academic information sessions, educational competitions, essay writing competitions and public competitions on various topics, as well as poster distribution, sports activity, songs, poetry artwork, speeches, slogans, topics and message delivery, News distribution, television and radio through lectures, workshops, debates, press conferences, roundtable discussions, sur-channels and TV channels Shows of population-related events and so many Various Health Organizations and Population departments work together to solve the issues of population on World Population Day by organizing meetings, conferences, research work, as well as project analysis and etc. and thus World Population Day is celebrated. is.

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Happy world population day everyone

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