World Youth Skills Day 15th July 2018 and Why celebrate world youth day?

World Youth Skills Day 15th July 2018 and Why celebrate world youth day?

World Youth Skills Day 15th July 2018 and Why celebrate world youth day?
World Youth Skills Day 15th July 2018 and Why celebrate world youth day?
World Youth Skills Day 15th July 2018 and Why celebrate world youth day? on

As you all know, young people are likely to be nearly 3 times more unemployed than adults, as well as lack of sustained jobs, low quality, as well as more labor market inequalities, and long and more unsafe school to work infections Come in contact with At the same time, you also know that apart from this, the chances of unemployed and low paying women are increasing in the world. And now these days there are chances of working under part-time jobs or temporary contracts.

According to all these reasons, this is the reason that education and training are the key determinants of success in the labor market. Yet unfortunately, the current system has failed to meet the needs of many young people, and these days we also realize that a survey of results and skills of learning reveals that a large number The basic level of literacy and number of achievements in the youth is low level. And to increase awareness on the importance of investing in youth skills development due to all these reasons, resolution to designate the World Youth Skills Day in UN General Assembly on 15th July, A / RES / 69/145 I celebrate this World Youth Skills Day Was decided.

While celebrating the World Youth Skills Day of 2018, focusing on this is changing innovation like artificial intelligence and emerging technological labor markets. And not only that, the purpose of celebrating World Youth Skills Day is to equate the skill of the youth in future economies and to become a durable driver, on 16 July in the United Nations headquarters in New York World Youth Skills Day 2018 will be celebrated here.

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Why is World Youth Skills Day Important?

Growing young unemployment for the developed and developing countries has equally become one of the most important problems facing the economy and societies in today’s world. And that is why currently unemployed 73 million young people and Sharma are considered to absorb 40 million new annual entrants in the market and at least 475 million new jobs will be required in the next decade. At the same time, OECD surveys show that both employers and young people believe that many graduates go around the world in search of work. And in the same way, achieving a decent work throughout the whole world has become a very important challenge. There are many countries where the informal sector and traditional rural area remains a major source of employment. And in a similar report, it also shows that if present, the number of workers in the poor employment is 1.44 billion worldwide. As if talking, workers in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia are employed for more than half of this number, but out of 4 out of 4 workers in these areas, three are in poor condition.

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You are reading World Youth Skills Day 15th July 2018 and Why celebrate world youth day?

The international community has set an ambitious 2030 agenda for sustainable development and also demands an integrated approach to development and this agrees with the 2030 agenda that poverty eradication is in all forms and dimensions. According to this agenda, countering the equality between countries and between and protecting the planet, creating inclusive and sustainable economic development, providing complete and productive employment for all women and men as well as achieving decent work and together It is mutually dependent on ensuring full gender equality and promoting social inclusion.

What is the importance of technical and vocational education and training?

Education and Training Center This is a major center of achievement of the 2030 agenda. The vision of this announcement: By 2030, education will be fully implemented by Sustainable Development Goal 4 and inclusive and equitable quality education will be ensured and opportunities for lifelong learning will be encouraged for all. In addition, in the agenda of 2030, it has also been stated that special emphasis will be given to education technical and vocational skills development. And especially in the case of affordable quality technology and vocational education and training, such as in employment, technical and business skills will be acquired for entrepreneurship, elimination of Mamta and also ensuring access to the weak people. do. According to this agenda, TVet has been hoping to address the many demands of economic, environmental and social nature, in which both the youth and the elderly are required to develop the skills required for entrepreneurship with the employment and civil work, justice-compatible and inclusive And promote sustainable economic development as well as help in supporting transitions. And according to this 2030 agenda, the important contribution will be made for green economy and environmental sustainability.

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tvet According to this plan, youth will be given the skills needed for self-employment, including skills to reach the working world. TVet will improve the response to changing skills demands by companies and communities as well as to increase productivity and increase the level of wages. TVet will be provided skill development opportunities for those who are less skilled as well as youth and education of the school as well as employment and training. And for all these reasons, World Youth Skills Day is celebrated with a celebration.

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