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First of all, thank you for visiting our website and for showing interest in your writing. WiFi Guruji.com is a fast-growing technology-based best website where technology product reviews, technology news, confusing technology, technology tutorials, gadget reviews, to benefit consumer is such a fast-growing website. It is a vision of this website that we get benefits from technology on the related topic or product.

If you want to share something like this with your Idea or your Thought or Tutorials, then the WiFi Guruji platform is available for you to 24*7. And if you want to post an article then you can contact us with your post’s title, General Outline and the guideline below. We just complete the guide below and complete the guidelines. Review that post and do acceptance. And we do not accept posts that are not given below. That is why read the guideline below.

Types of Content

          The content here is an Idea which is very helpful and useful to those who read. So keep in mind that we accept the topic given below.

Tutorial: Full-length tutorial which is related to technology such as Google Adsense, YouTube, Digital Marketing, SEO, Future Technology, Information Technology, Electric and Electronics, Social Media, Blogging, Make Money Online etc.

How to: In this section, you can get rid of, guide, step by step instruction, break down relative to particular subject or technology. It should be short, brief and to the point

List: We adore records as it gives a wide point of view and more data to the peruser. Be that as it may, the rundowns must be clear of written falsification and inclination.

News: Introduction to another innovation or even a noteworthy change in existing innovation is critical with regards to advancement. Notwithstanding, guarantee that it isn’t just a news story but instead your interpretation of it and what are the conceivable ramifications of the innovation inside the business.

Individual Stories: Have you made something new, something else? Certainly, share with our perusers. We would love to perceive how innovation transforms you and how you change it.

Article Guideline:

Articles ought to be top to bottom, handy and valuable to the guests of our site.

Blog entries no less than 1000 words in length with important media records (appended independently in ZIP document) and just above mention related articles.

Try not to attempt to trick us by utilizing text rewriter, we don’t acknowledge replicated content.

You can incorporate any connection to your site or post, please dodge member or self-limited time joins.

The visitor posts ought to have an essential structure separated into short passages for simple perusing.

Your creator bio ought to be in the 2-3 sentences, your picture, and Email address with the Twitter interface.


Dos and Don’ts


Be Original. Kindly don’t simply rework different articles on the web. Add something intriguing to the blog you submit.

Include your Personality. Try not to compose something that you are not pleased with, include your very own tad bit identity to the composition. We need to see your skill and information radiate through.

Utilize unique pictures or trait pictures that are not your own. Picture width ought to be 800px, wherever conceivable.

Add assets to your article wherever conceivable and bolster your contentions with studies and research.

Kindly don’t include data that isn’t exact or make up insights that suit your requirements.


Utilize pictures without copyright or attribution. We don’t acknowledge unoriginality dangers or cases, so guarantee that you generally trait work that isn’t yours.

Counterfeit. Kindly don’t just submit work that has just been on the web or even a revamp of another person’s work.

Submit articles with awful language structure or sentence structure. Understanding innovation is sufficiently troublesome without them wading through awful sentence structures or language. If it’s not too much trouble edit your articles previously accommodation or has somebody who has perfect sentence structure alter your articles.

Give articles that add no esteem or importance to your perusers. Each article you compose ought to have a particular reason.


Why Write For Wifiguruji.com?

Marking: Showing individuals how wonderful you are with Technology and sharing your abilities can help build the lesson of your image and influence you to emerge in the Tech people group.

Presentation: We get focused on guests, so you’ll get an introduction.

Social: All blog entries have a creator box that shows the creator’s depiction, connection to their webpage, their twitter account, their Google Plus, LinkedIn account (all discretionary obviously).

Backlink: You’ll get a backlink in the post area, not in the creator box.

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