You-tube Announced 4 new update – YouTube tips

You-tube Announced 4 new update – YouTube tips

You-tube Announced 4 new update - YouTube tips
You-tube Announced 4 new update – YouTube tips

Hello friends, welcome to your Wifi Guruji website. Today in this article, I will talk to you from YouTube, 4 new updates for you.

So friends know what this article is about You-tube Announced 4 new update – YouTube tips

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Now friends know now that there are You-tube Announced 4 new update – YouTube tips

 So the first update is:
 Live Automated Caption
Friends, this live automated caption means that whenever you do a live-through session of your mobile, your chatting will be automatic typing under your chat box.
Friends, For example, if you are doing a live session there, if you are talking in English, then some such tools will be Google’s speech recognition tools. Through this, the English cheating through which you live will be absolutely perfect and in the same way. Will present through the captions though. So that your user will be quite comfortable to understand your chatting.

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However, there may be some mistakes in it because the language is of a different kind, in which there may be some mistakes in recording the tools. But still, it is very usable and helpful for you.

Another update is also on behalf of friends live chat:

Live chat reply
Whenever you were the live stream of friends, there was live chat in your bottom or on the live chat in the side, the chat that was there was for a long time and if you closed the live stream So that live chat would have been your deletion. But friends, now this update will keep the live chat message that you or the user gave. So it will also be very useful in your live stream.

Let’s know the third update:

Location tag these videos
Friends, it will be so that whenever you upload your video from the mobile or live stream, then there will be an option for you that you can tag your location. So that friends of your friends will know where the video is uploading from where and where the live stream is being from.
Friends, this will be the place from where you upload or live-streamed the video, whenever the user will talk to your video then your location will appear in the above location, if the click is clicked, Will appear in So that your video will be inaccessible to watch.

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And now the last fourth update is:
Super chat extension
Come on, friends, you know that this is the fourth update which is an update to the super chat extension. Earlier this extension came with Android only. But now it has also been released for iOS. And the second benefit of friends will be that in this super chart extension you get lots of options and you will find about 600 options that you will be able to use. Friends, you use it like other internet service providers, or you can also use to pay someone’s money. So friends like this are super chat options which you can use to get good benefits. Friends, I will give you an article about this.


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